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Ep 056: What Our Staff Values (Part 1)

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Joshua Gagnon Leadership Podcast!

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This episode is part 1 of a 3-part series where Pastor Josh shares Next Level Church’s staff values. These 11 values are the key ingredients in shaping the staff culture of NLC. As they are shared, the hope is not that you would copy them but that they would inspire you to see the importance of creating a unified, intentional staff in whatever organization or team you lead.

The values covered in this episode are:

Keep the new car smell - Excellence is doing the best we can with what God has entrusted to us today. We will reflect the greatness of the God we serve by doing everything we do with the excellence that Jesus deserves and honor what God has given us by caring for it well.

Dig a ditch - We believe God has called us to a vision too great to achieve on our own, so we will do our part by digging ditches in faith and trusting Him to fill those ditches with rain. We will fight to do more with less and trust God to honor our bold, risk-taking steps of faith by teaching us to fail forward.

Protect the house - We will always be unified under the vision God has given to this house and to our Pastor. We will speak well of each other and live within a default position of trust and honor. We will always be a raving fan publicly and bleed green in all we do and say.

Quotes From This Episode:

“Excellence is doing the best with what you’ve been given.” - Joshua Gagnon

“We want to dig some big ditches so that God can send a lot of rain.” - Joshua Gagnon

“We’ve never hit a hail mary. We are a combination of ditches we’ve dug that God has sent a little bit in some and more than a little bit in others.” - Joshua Gagnon

“People don’t have to pretend that they are happy, they can come and talk to their leader.” - Joshua Gagnon

“Communication has to happen from top down, bottom up, and peer to peer.” - Joshua Gagnon

“Once there is no trust in an organization, communication begins to unravel.” - Joshua Gagnon

“The quicker that you grow, the more tricky that communication gets.” - Roman Archer

“You may choose to fill the expectation gap with either suspicion or trust.” - Joshua Gagnon

“We love to build stories off of realities that will never happen.” - Joshua Gagnon